Unblock Your Drain With These Simple Tricks!

We’ve all been there, the dreaded realisation strikes that your drain is blocked. Not only does it come with unpleasant side-effects (the mere thought of the stagnant smell is enough to make you shiver), it can also be pretty unpleasant to solve. So here are some of our top tips on how to unblock your drains, save your pennies and keeping those hands clean!

  1. Use a wet-dry vacuum to remove hard objects

If you own one, wet-dry vacuums are really handy. In addition being useful for everyday cleaning, they have a multitude of uses such as cleaning up liquid spills as well. What’s more, they can work well for cleaning drains! Use them to suck up any excess water as well as pieces of debris, which can get lodged and cause blockages. It’s important to turn the vacuum up to its highest setting to make it most useful.

  1. Flush not working? Use a bucket of water to flush it down instead

If you’ve ever been to parts of the world where they don’t have flushable toilets, you may have already had to do this at some point in your life! And it’s a great trick if your flush isn’t working. Put the lid up to create a large opening and get your bucket ready. It’s important to get enough water to make this effective, so fill the bucket up as much as you can. In one swoop, tip the contents of the water into the toilet bowl. The idea is to simulate the power of a real flush, so pouring the water quickly and with power is the key here.

  1. Whip up some DIY drain unclogger from baking soda, salt and hot water

A lot of people swear by this homemade chemical reaction if you want to know how to unblock your drain but don’t want to fork out a small fortune on branded drain cleaners. This homemade one is so easy to make and effective! Simply mix the ingredients together so the baking soda begins to fizzle, then pour the substance down the drain. The idea is that the active fizzing of the baking soda should act as an agent to dissolve any built-up grime. Leave it to sit for a few hours before washing it through with some boiling water.

  1. The coat-hanger trick…

An age-old trick, but one not to be disregarded. Unravel a wire coat hanger and attach an old rag to the end. Place it in the toilet, pushing and twisting as you do, to clear the drain. It’s a simple way of dislodging any substances that are causing blockages without getting your hands dirty! Just be careful not to loose the rag down there… Alternatively, use this same method to scoop out any clogs on your outside drains. Just ditch the rag and use the curved hook to wiggle out anything that might be blocking your drain.

  1. And for sinks?

Fill up an old bottle with water – the bigger the better as more liquid will make the action more powerful! Turn the bottle upside down into the plug hole and squeeze really hard to force the water down the hole. Keep the bottle in place, as it will act as a vacuum. With enough pressure applied, whatever you forced down should shoot back up into the bottle.

So the next time you find yourself in this nasty situation follow these tips on how to unblock your drains and save yourself time and money!

If you’re worried about making the situation worse, have tried these tricks to no avail or are having a real plumbing crisis then don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We make it our mission to send out same-day responses to all our calls.