THINK before you FLUSH

There’s nothing worse than walking into your bathroom and realising you have a plumbing emergency; arranging a plumber, finding the time to fix it, having to fork out money…Not to mention the inconvenience of not having a working bathroom. But what if we told you, you could avoid this plumbing emergency altogether?

One of the biggest causes of plumbing problems comes from blocked drains and pipes, so our biggest advice for you is: think before you flush!! We’ve compiled a definite list of all the no-nos for your poor drains, so plumbing emergencies will be a thing of the past.

For the toilet…

Just because you’ve flushed something down the toilet doesn’t mean it has disappeared forever, whilst out of sight out of mind seems appropriate, if you flush the wrong thing down your toilet it will come back to haunt you as a plumbing emergency. Some of the most common products that will cause your drain problems are hand paper towels, nappies, dental floss, wet wipes (yes, even the ones that say they are flushable) and sanitary products. Despite the temptation, most of these products are too large and will block your drain and, unlike toilet paper, they won’t dissolve either, which will cause you problems in the future. We suggest buying a bathroom bin so the temptation to flush those products is gone with an easy, alternative solution in place. You can also get special bins just for nappies that are covered in anti-bacterial film and have an odour protection seal to ensure freshness and make disposal easy!

For the sink and shower…

Even though it seems so easy to just wash something down the sink, you shouldn’t. Food waste, including fats and coffee grinds, are commonly washed down kitchen sinks, which can lead to a dire plumbing emergency. These items can block your drains, clog the pipes and lead to slow drainage and horrible smells. At worst, they can damage the whole plumbing system. We suggest putting all food waste into a recycling bin and making sure you scrape your dishes thoroughly before washing them!

Solvents and paints are another no-nos for your drains. When you wash your paintbrushes, we suggest doing it outside with a hosepipe instead of in your sink to avoid damage.

And when it comes to the shower: HAIR! Clogged hair has no end to the trouble it causes. Whilst hair produced from showering can’t be helped, washing it down your drain can. We suggest fitting your bath or shower drain with a removable strainer to catch all the hair and then clearing it regularly. It’s not the most glamorous job but it’s a simple way to save you a lot of problems in the future!

So, to avoid a dreaded plumbing emergency we suggest following these simple tips. A happy drain makes a happy life.