Controlling your heating has never been so easy than with Nest. This state-of-the-art thermostat technology is a brand favourite here at Ourheat because of its modern and technologically advanced features. Heating controls are vital to saving energy in your home and with a Nest thermostat your energy saving levels will be at their peak!

Nest’s pioneering technology exhibits ease and convenience for controlling your heating. After about a week, the thermostat will be able to self-program your heating controls in accordance to your preferences. You don’t have to read a long complicated manual on how to set your heating and spend hours fiddling with little buttons to no avail. Nest does this for you so your home is heated to your optimum temperature with no effort on your part!

Nest’s features include the ‘auto-away’ setting, which turns off the heating when no one is home. This avoids wasting any unnecessary energy. Never again will you arrive at the office only to be filled with the dread that you left your heating on, meaning all that energy will go to waste! In addition to this, Nest allows you to control your thermostat from the ease of a simple mobile phone application. Keeping on top of your energy usage has never been so easy or practical. You don’t even have to move out of your cosy arm chair to change the heating! Say goodbye to leaving your warm bed on cold nights to hunch over the boiler in a desperate attempt to warm the house up! It can all be done with the touch of a button.

Not only does Nest allow you to control your heating easily, but you can also control your water temperature in the same hassle-free fashion. You can adjust your hot water schedule and control when your water gets heated. You can even give your hot water a little boost if you need it.

Nest harnesses modern technology to allow you to save as much energy as possible. It uses OpenTherm technology to modulate your condensing boiler and it helps to guide you in the right direction to be as energy efficient as possible. When you select a temperature that saves energy, you’ll see a little green leaf which allows you to know when you’re being effective with your heating!

For all these reasons, we love Nest technology! It’s really no wonder it’s one of the most popular companies we work with. Nest combines our passion for good quality service and energy-saving technology. If Nest sounds as great to you as we know it is, get in touch today to arrange an installation.

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