Can you envisage how you want your project but are unsure the best way to get from concept to completion? Maybe you have a new build block of flats or want to refurbish? Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your hotel to bigger and better things? Ourheat can help! Our design team can turn your idea into a fully-fledged and working design.

When we design a project, we don’t look at it as just pipes and ducts. We understand that every project is unique. With this in mind, Ourheat will develop a design for your project which takes your requirements into account. From suggesting different manufacturers, planning the most practical installations, finding the most cost-effective solution and looking at the best way to get the results you want, we love thinking outside the box whether we are innovating, installing or maintaining.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in designing projects of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and we can help no matter what your project is.

Project Spectrum

  • Education
  • Catering
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Luxury Homes
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Facilities Management
  • Health care Manufacturing

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