The Best Smart Thermostats on the Market Today

Thermostat technology has developed massively in recent years. The smart technology is designed with you in mind; so not only is it easy to use, it makes your day-to-day life so much easier. Of course, one of the biggest benefits is the amount of money and energy you save; controlling your heating has never been more convenient! From the ease of your armchair, you can keep your heating under strict control, without hours of fiddling with the boiler to ensure your heat is being used efficiently! With such a wide range of products on the market, there has never been a better time to think about smart thermostat installation. But to help you along the way, we as experts, thought we’d share the best smart heating thermostats currently available on the market today!

  1. NEST – one of the biggest and most popular brands on the market, NEST is one of our favourites to recommend for smart thermostat installation. It’s a market leader, harnessing the best technology available. The wireless pods can be installed anywhere in your home and are so easy to install! Most importantly, the app allows you to control the temperature of your house from your smartphone. Never again will you frantically worry if you left the heating on or have to enter a cold house after a long, wintry day.
  2. Heat Genius – if you have a large house or want to be extra conservative on money then Heat Genius is for you. It works by separating your property into different zones so you can pick which rooms to heat. It’s perfect if you work from home in the day and don’t want to waste money by heating the whole house.
  3. Hive Active Heating 2 – If you’re thinking of smart thermostat installation then this one is definitely one to consider; not only can you control your heating from the ease of a smartphone or other device, you can control your hot water tank, too!
  4. Ecobee3 smart thermostat – The Ecobee comes with the unique feature of room sensors to monitor occupancy and hot/cold spots within the room to ensure your place is heated evenly. It also comes with monthly reports detailing your savings – on average you can save around 23% of your monthly bills by using a smart thermostat; an incredible saving for just a small change!
  5. Honeywell Lyric – This is a smart thermostat installation you won’t regret, harnessing geofencing technology, the device can detect if you are at home or not and adapt your heating preference accordingly so you never have to waste money on heating again!

There has never been a better time than now to have a smart thermostat installed. It is set to revolutionise the heating of your home and with a wide range of excellent devices on the market, you can start saving money and effort today!