How To Avoid A Plumbing Disaster

Nobody wants or plans for a plumbing disaster! So our top tip for avoiding one? Carry out regular drain maintenance to keep your drainage system working effectively. Read our guide to simple drain maintenance to keep your system in tip-top condition.

  1. Be careful with what you flush

When it comes to drain maintenance, it’s important to avoid flushing certain things like food waste, fats or oils, and hair down your drains. They can clog and damage your pipes, leading to a whole host of problems. For a full list of flushing no-goes, read our previous article.

  1. Have bins available (and obvious!)

Placing a food waste bin next to your kitchen sink will make it easier to remember to properly dispose of your food. Having a place to dispose of your food in plain sight also removes the temptation of just washing a little down the drain for convenience. Make sure your bathrooms are well stocked with bins too so all your bathroom waste goes in the correct place. This is an easy way to keep on top of your drain maintenance.

  1. Carry out simple tasks like keeping your gutters free from leaves

This will only take a few minutes from your day if you do it on a regular basis, but it’ll save you from lots of potential issues in the future. Use a rake to free your drains of any trapped leaves to tackle any build-ups and potential clogs.

  1. Clean your shower, bath and sinks regularly to ensure anything that snuck down the plughole won’t build-up

Even though you should avoid deliberately flushing solid objects down your drains, everyday life means that bits and bobs will inevitably get in there. It’s not everyone’s favourite job but cleaning on a regular basis will stop any build-up, meaning you can catch anything unruly that shouldn’t be down your plugholes. Trust us, it’s better to deal with a few hairs early on than deal with the mess they can cause later! For baths and showers, where hair can easily build up, drain catchers are a must when it comes to drain maintenance, as they will create a barrier to stop hair clogging your plughole. To keep your pipes clear and in good condition, dispose of whatever was caught in a bin after every bath or shower.

  1. If you believe a build-up is clogging your drains already, hire a professional drain maintenance company to carry out water jetting

A drain maintenance company will have specialist drainage engineers who are qualified and Safety Awareness Trained to clean your drains. With a high-pressure water jet, they can dislodge any blockages and get your drainage system back in peak working condition.