5 Hacks to Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

The end of winter is almost in sight, which means that soon enough we can say goodbye to our elevated heating bills. But what if we told you you could reduce your bill right now? With these 5 simple hacks, you can start saving money and still stay warm:

  1. Keep all the doors shut and buy some draft excluder cushions

This seems so simple but it’s effective and a great heating tip. The expression ‘born in a barn’ exists for a reason, keeping doors open means heat is able to escape and cold air can circulate through the house, giving the house a terrible draft. It also means your money goes out of the window (or door to be literal). Keeping the door shut will trap the heat and means your boiler won’t have to work as hard to keep the house temperature high. As well as this, invest in a draft excluder to really seal the heat into a room, especially in older houses where the house can move and create gaps around shut doors. Get a funky one to not only make your house warmer but also add some character!

  1. Check for sources of cold draughts

If you want to keep the heat in, you need to know where it’s escaping from. Any place that has gaps could be liable for letting your heat escape, this includes windows, letter boxes and open fire places. Clingfilm or masking tape can be effective for sealing any gaps around windows or weaknesses where the heat is escaping. However, simply investing in some curtains (especially very heavy, long ones) will do the trick to the insulate the heat. Keep your blinds shut at night as another barrier to block any source where the heat could escape.

  1. Check for areas of your home that need insulating, such as the roof.

Insulation is key! Whilst stopping drafts escaping is a quick solution, it’s definitely worth checking if your house is thoroughly insulated. The government can even help eligible people with grants towards loft and cavity wall insulation. What you pay for in insulation, you’ll make up in saving on your heating bills in no time. On average, insulation saves around £140 a year on heating bills and can cost anything from £50-£350. Even paying a top price, the saving is obviously worthwhile. Your roof, like your head on a cold winter’s day, is where you lose most of your heat from so our top heating tip is to make sure your home is wrapped up with a hat!

  1. Make turning on the central heating your last resort. Layer up, get out the blankets and your old hot water bottle!

It’s really easy to use your heating as a comfort blanket when the weather gets a little chilly, but using an actual blanket will save you pennies in the end. Put on some thick jumpers and cosy socks and snuggle up, you’ll be surprised how effective that can be to keep you warm! Get a higher tog duvet for the winter months to save having your heating on in the night, and before you go to bed get a hot water bottle ready. It may seem like something your grandmother would do, but that’s why – they know they best! The source of heat from your bottle will keep you warm and the layers of blankets will trap the heat, keeping you toasty without putting your hand in your pocket.

  1. Buy a radiator booster to circulate the warm air

A radiator boaster is a small and light-weight fan that attaches to your radiator to draw in its heat and circulate it around the room, so the distribution of heat is better. Bigger rooms or rooms where the radiator is blocked by furniture will take longer to heat up and air circulation can be slow. That’s why investing in this innovation is a great heating tip, it will save you on energy bills as it can help increase smaller amounts of heat into the room so there’s no need to have the heating on high to feel the benefit.

Follow some of these tips and we bet you’ll see a real difference in your heating bills in no time!